Dudley Edmondson

Dudley Edmondson is an author, public speaker and photographer specializing in nature and the outdoors

-photo by: Bob Perkoski

Lifelong passion for nature

Love of Nature

Dudley has considered himself a nature advocate every since he discovered it's ability to heal the mind and body as a young boy

Avid Outdoorsman

Mr. Edmondson enjoys several outdoor recreational activities including; birdwatching, mountain and fat biking, fly fishing, trail running and much much more

Working with young people

Dudley has been invited into communities across the country to help get urban youth and youth of color into the outdoors. He also spends a great deal of his personal time working with youth in his community through local youth serving agencies.  He just really enjoys inspiring them.

Information on the Dudley Edmondson Fellowship

The Dudley Edmondson fellowship offers a paid stipend to diverse youth in an effort to increase diverse leadership in the experiential and environmental education fields.